How it works

This is how INSTABID.ME works.
  • It works as a regular website, where you purchase the items available. You can also contact us if you want to make a different price offer than the shown price on the site... This goes only for the vintage/used items.
  • Membership plan, if you are a private buyer, are good to have a look at. A membership will give you extra features as a private buyer. Fixed discount on your purchase and you pay no shipping cost, worldwide.
  • NOTE! If you as a private buyer make an offer on a item, then you cant also get the member discount on top of that. The member ship will always give you a better deal with us.

How to sell an item on INSTABID.ME

  • Reach out to us via mail, if you have any vintage items you would like us to sell for you, as private seller or professional partner.